Things in film I’d like to see more of

Inspired by a recent thread on IMDB, this is a list of things I’d like to see more of in modern cinema. However, these are more in regards to mainstream Hollywood fare, since both foreign language films and indies have had films which respectfully represent these aspects in the past couple of years:

– 2D and stop motion animation.

– Female protagonists.

– Well made, non-preachy, spiritually themed films (more along the lines of The Last Temptation of Christ than drivel like God’s Not Dead and Left Behind).

– Understated, slow paced horror films.

– Thoughtful, contemplative sci-fi, with little to no action whatsoever.

– Dysfunctional families portrayed in a realistic light, instead of being the subject of a low-brow comedy or simplistic melodrama.

– Films featuring homosexual leading characters where their sexuality is mostly a non-issue, or simply a component of an overall larger story.

– Affectionate, but unsentimental portrayals of rural, country lifestyles in America.

– Comedies that rely more on wit and smart, clever writing while still managing to be likeable and silly, instead of consisting solely of cheap gags, heavy improvisation, and toilet humor.

– Westerns. Whether revisionist or old fashioned, I don’t care. MOAR.

– ‘Teen’ films that portray the characters in a mature, realistic fashion, rather than the sex hungry, borderline alcoholic sociopaths most major Hollywood films depict them as.


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