How to fix the horror genre

As a horror fan, this is something that I consider often. And while I realize that it’s now the holiday season and the season most appropriate for viewing horror flicks has since passed, this is a subject that has been on my mind recently and I’d just like to share a few suggestions I thought up, regarding how to improve the horror genre for the better:

– Well written, or at least likable characters.
– Generally more creative, original concepts.
– More emphasis on atmosphere and tension building.
– Legitimately threatening presences and situations.
– Dark humor.
– Less senseless blood and gore. Grossing me out isn’t the same as scaring me.
– Subtle, distinctive cinematography.
– Eerie, memorable musical scores.
– Chilling, memorable final scenes and/or images that aren’t cheap or arbitrary.

Examples of recent horror films which adhere to these principles are Oculus, Honeymoon, and The Babadook, just to name a few.


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