Oscar Nominations Reactions

After guessing the nominees last week, I figured I’d weigh in on my overall impressions of the lineups.

The good:
– Wes Anderson gets that long overdue Directing nod.
– Marion Cotillard for Actress is a nice surprise.
– Ida for Best Cinematography.
– Song of the Sea AND The Tale of the Princess Kaguya for Best Animated Film.
– The Hobbit and Transformers rightfully left out of the Visual Effects category.

The bad:
– Gone Girl & Selma mostly shut out (Oyelowo’s absence is particularly unforgivable).
– Force Majeure & Life Itself completely snubbed.
– Inherent Vice for Screenplay? (I somewhat enjoyed the film, but that was one of the flimsiest, most incoherent scripts of the year)
– The one time I think a Christopher Nolan film is great and it gets shut out of the major categories. Figures.

On the whole, it’s a pretty average bunch of contenders. Some really inspired picks, but then there’s also a fair share of insane snubs as well. So, pretty much par for the course as far as this blogger is concerned.


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