Spectre – quick thoughts

Lifelong Bond fan here, reporting on the latest installment of the franchise. Fresh off what many – including myself – consider to be the best film in the series, this film certainly had a lot to live up to. And based off of the generally mixed buzz this film has received, both critically and from Bond fans alike, you’d think that Spectre had missed the mark pretty bad, but I disagree entirely. Yes, all haters to the left, but I actually kind of loved this one. Granted, not as much as Skyfall, but flaws and all, I found this to be just as much of a perturbed, atmospheric trip down the hellhole as its predecessor [heck, in many ways maybe even moreso] and the action setpieces are just as good as anything else in the series. A lot of the middling responses seem to be from people that were bemoaning the return to the old school Bond formula herein, even though I thought that’s what we all agreed to and were perfectly fine with at the end of Skyfall? We were promised a return to the status quo for the series, after spending so much time reinventing itself, while still retaining the expert filmmaking and newfound thematic depth of the Craig era – and this film delivered on all of that, in my opinion of course.

Of course I won’t pretend that this film is perfect, or even without its fair share of missteps. Some weak writing for the central villain and a slightly underwhelming end-of-second-act detour with said villain all prevent this one from joining Skyfall at the mountain top, but it gets just as close as any other film in the series has. All of that being said, I can perfectly understand if people were left disappointed by this, completely divorced from my own personal satisfaction. But to those saying it’s just as bad or even worse(!) than Quantum of Solace, get outta here with that shit. On a purely filmmaking basis alone, this film blows Solace out of the stratosphere. An imperfect venture for sure, but the overall experience and impact of Spectre is just as strong as anything that’s come before it in the franchise, and it has provided thus far the most purely entertaining film of 2015 thus far, at least for this lone film blogger.

Also, I really liked the Sam Smith song ‘Writing on the Wall’ too. Sue me!


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